A Plastic Bag, You Can Easily Prepare A Delicious Omelet, What An Easy Technique!


Most people take omelet for breakfast. This is because it is cheap and easy to make. Apart from that, it never takes a lot of time.

There are different places where to cook the omelet like the stove, microwave or in the oven. A YouTube channel known as Allrecipes has a cool way of cooking the omelet. The only required things are a plastic bag and the ingredients.

Although it may seem weird to cook an omelet using a Ziploc bag, the end results are superb. The recipe clip below teaches you the alternative way of preparing the omelet, which doesn’t need flipping, like the other ways.
To make it, just break the eggs into a plastic bag, tie the mouth and break the yolks. Add the remaining ingredients into the bag and close it, followed by pressing the bag softly in between your hands so that the end product is a perfect mixture. Put the plastic bag in a pot of hot water for 13 minutes, not more!

However, this clip that was uploaded on the 15th of September, has received a lot of critics. The viewers commented that when a plastic bag is used, it releases some chemicals that can be harmful to our health. Due to this, Good Housekeeping, did a research by heating 31 different brands of plastic products and later tested them in the laboratory. Of the 31, 27 of them noever contained phthalates or bisphenol A, which are the most harmful chemicals. It’s advisable to use Ziploc freezer bags.

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