What A Ruling The Judge Makes After Being Disrespected! I Bet She Can’t Repeat That Again!


A judge should never be disrespected within the courtroom; that is what this girl was made to learn the hard way. The girl under discussion was accused of being possession of drugs. When she goes ahead and sasses the judge, the already stated fine is increased by a significant figure. The first increment does not even make her learn until the judge is forced to make an unexpected ruling.  Her cheeky flips aimed at the judge make her to be sentenced to 30 days of imprisonment.

After some time, the girl went ahead and apologized for her uncouth behavior and in return the judge removed the imprisonment period from his ruling. According to you, do you think the judge made a right ruling or he had overstepped his mandate by ruling the case the way he did?

Kindly share your views of what you think of this!

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