It took her 13 years to solve a photo mystery, this left me surprised


Humanity hasn’t entirely gone to the dogs, after all. This video is enough proof!

In 2001, just after the 9/11, Elizabeth Stringer Keefebumped into a strange photo rusting in the rubble. It was a rundown picture of friends all happy and having a good time at a wedding. Elizabeth took the photo and cleaned it up, and then she embarked on a mission to find the owner. So compassionate!

Elizabeth didn’t know whether any of the 6 people in the photo was alive, so she posted it online to ask people. She got no helpful response, but she didn’t give up. She posted the photo every year for the next 13 years!

And then it happened!

One day, she received a message from one Fred Mahe. Turns out, Fred was one of the guys in the photo. Watch the clip and see how the story developed. It’s so touching.

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