The Snow Was About To Kill Mother And Baby Horse – Then The Unexpected Happened!


A horse and her young one (Loca) were found abandoned within one icy field back in 2013. The two were exhausted, starving and freezing. Macy (the mother) was shivering uncontrollably with her head placed on the snow and her life was really in danger. The beginning is heartbreaking, but its ending gives us hope.

They were lucky that a team from the World Horse Welfare learnt that in time. They were given emergency veterinary care and then taken to the Hall Farm Rescue and Rehoming Centre within the U.K for further rehabilitation and life-saving procedures. This reminds of a similar rescue mission, which was carried by the local sheriff department and the Humane Society.

As revealed by one vet, Macy could have died if the rescue team could not have arrived in time. She must have been very courageous to stand on her as the team attended to her. It all seemed miraculous!

Before the rescue, was had sores, was weak and with thin skin and that meant Baby Loca was not being fed. After the rehabilitation, she was full of energy and healthy. Ensuring the rescued animals are rehabilitated physically and psychologically is the role of the team.

Over the winter, horses need to be equipped with enough food and blankets to ensure all is well with them. We have to appreciate the good job done by bodies such as the World Horse Welfare.

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