They Saved Him From The Bullies And Took Him To A Vet, When He’s Shaved? OMG!


Some police officers were just going about their business when they spotted an ongoing war between dogs. On taking a closer look, they noticed that there were 2 big dogs bent on destroying the life of a little one, so they stepped in and scared the dogs away, leaving this little one with them. They took him to the vet.

When he was rescued, Mr. Snuggles looked terrible. The big dogs had attacked him in the rain. He was muddy, even some of it caked onto his fur. He also had bruises and scratches as a result of the vicious attack. However, it was all taken care of, and then they shaved him!

You won’t believe this. The cute little animal was one beautiful thing hidden in a thick “blanket” of fur. After the shave, you won’t even recognize Mr. Snuggles. He’s so cute and happy. He’s now all joyful and patiently waiting for his best human to come along and take him to his forever home. That’s nice!

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