People Waiting For A Flight Are Left Speechless By This Man’s Performance! So Amazing


There are limited ways of passing time while waiting for a flight. An airport within Prague has set up a piano within its waiting area and allowed people to entertain themselves. Though that is the case, hardly do people expect a worthy performance when one decides to play the piano. But this day was completely different! It happened that a Lebanese pianist by the name Maan Hamadeh was one of those waiting for the flight. He gave a performance that lasted for six minutes featuring Beethoven’s “Für Elise” that was fully of remixes and variations. He came to the end of his performance by mixing a very popular song with some classic composition which blew off everyone. You will surely enjoy this amazing video once you watch it.  We will highly appreciate if you share it out.

The many occasions I have traveled have made me experience the boredom that is associated with waiting for a flight when at the airport. You are limited to going out and have to visit the restaurants and stores which most of the airports have set up. Though, you can find other interesting joints within some airports to entertain yourself. For instance, some workout equipment was installed within the Philadelphia International Airport’s waiting areas. This was meant to enable passengers relieve stress and at the same time burn some calories.  This is one of the programs that are meant to appreciate customers. The Chief Executive Officer of Smooth fitness who is a regular traveler liked this idea and ended up donating some fitness facilities to this airport.  The stiffness that is associated with waiting for a flight was behind his donation. Presenting exhibitions and displaying contemporary artwork is another idea that some airports have come up with. Miami International Airport is one of the airports which have implemented this idea. By doing this, people are made to appreciate art resources, the environment and the local culture on the international stage.

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