New mom with battling nerves wows the judges with her emotional performance


Rachael Wooding is a new mom to an 11-months-old baby girl. When she appeared for Britain Got Talent audition, she was nervous and had an awkward body language

The 37-year-old performed “With You” from the Ghost Musical. Rachael took a break from her career to raise her daughter.

After her mind-blowing performance, the judges had nothing but praises for Rachael. Judge Amanda Heldon describes her as a naturally gregarious and charming performance. Even the hard-to-please Simon Cowell was impressed by Rachael’s performance.

While the judges were impressed by Rachael’s performance, some people felt she had a competitive advantage over other performances. They felt her previous professional experience gave her an advantage.

Some of Wooding’s professional performances include “We Will Rock You Musicals” and the “Jersey Boys” musical performances. She also appeared on the “Coronation Street” soap opera.

Watch her amazing performance and let us know what you think.

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