These Neighbors Do This To An Old Man… What A Wonderful Act!


It never took long for the residents of tight-knit Texas community to notice that Charlie, an elderly neighbor was struggling daily to take his walks around the blocks. That was in 2014.

From the time he was diagnosed with Leukemia, strolling with his two Yorkshire terriers became part and parcel of his daily routine. Once a devoted biker, saw that the only way to socialize with the neighbors and exercise himself while Sandra, her wife was working, was by walking the dogs. One day, the unexpected happened.

“Chairs for Charlie … or for others in need of a rest,” was the sign that one of his neighbors left on a chair in front of her yard. This lovely gesture, moved Charlie, and by the time he was aware of it, there were plenty of chairs lined near Charlie’s home for 10 years. Sandra commented that this showed how the neighbors cared for them. Some of the neighbors even left an extra chair for her wife Sandra, and a bowl of water for the two dogs. The chair owners usually dedicate some of their time to talk to Charlie, while he sits down.

Charlie commented that the putting of the chairs out definitely makes one think that, out there, there are people who really care about you and try to give a hand. He passed away at the age of 64 years. The neighbors never left to put the chairs outside, but this time with messages of love and flowers.

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