Magician Rips and Eats Money In Front of the Judges—what Happened Next Blew My Mind!


We’ve seen mind-blowing acts on different talent shows around the world. From death defying acts that involve real danger, to those hair-raising voices from truly talented people—we’ve seen them all. But this act in America’s Got Talent is definitely a first!

California-based magician Blake Vgot left the audience and judges mesmerized and speechless. He asked the judges to bring out two different bills. George Lopez brought out a hundred dollar bill, while Howie Mandel brought out a one dollar bill. Blake asked them to sign both bills, to make sure they are unique. He then proceeded to rip each bill’s corner—and ate them!

But his performance took a bizarre twist! He ‘bit’ onto each bill and returned the ‘ripped’ corner—but on both wrong bills! The judges now have $101 each! How is this even possible?

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