You’ll Love Just How This Guy And His Cat Spend Their Evenings. I’m In Love!


Sitting on the couch and minding his own business is a man that is just starting into the camera. He seems to be having no problem just sitting around with the exception of a little problem near his head. There seems to be a grey and fuzzy animal curled up on the top of the couch near his head, and for whatever reason it seems to think that either his head needs to be attacked or nuzzled.

In fact, his kitten attack has gone on unprovoked by the man, who just sits there and takes it as several times the kitten tries to wrap its paws around the head of the man. It appears to want to bite the head, and yet also decides to nuzzle on top of his head as well. Perhaps this weird little animal seems to like the feel of the man’s hair, or happens to like whatever styling product if any are in his hair. Either way this short but cute video is not only worth watching several times on your own, but better shared with your friends. You need to be prepared for what to do if you are ever sitting on the couch and being attacked by a kitten.

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