Hilarious! Caracal Kittens Stare At The Camera During A Checkup. So Adorable!


Lately, the Oregon Zoo gave the first view of two of its lovely young caracals. Just by having a glimpse at them, will make you say “wow!”

Peggy is considered to be the zoo veteran, for she has lived there since 2009. She was the one who gave birth to the two caracal kittens on the 11th of September. One sure thing about her is that she is a defensive mother.

Laura Weiner, who happens to be the Senior Africa keeper, said that Peggy is known to be a stubborn mom, who is very defensive. When they made a bed of straws in her cage, she used it to cover her siblings with it. Actually this is a common habit of wild felines to protect them from any danger.

Even though she hid them, the zoo keepers were able to get the kittens for a medical checkup. While on a checkup on Tuesday, they were recorded on camera. They proved to be very tranquil.

Similar to the other cats at birth, the little caracal kittens had their eyes shut and their ears doubled over when they were born. After 14 days passed, the ears started to unfold and the eyes became wide open.

These lovely animals are mostly found in the northern parts of Africa, Arabian Peninsula, and Southwest Asia. When fully grown, they weigh approximately 57 pounds.

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