This Is What Happens When The Cat Decides To Brave The Snow. So Hilarious!


Apart from certain “big cats” which are living far away from us, hardly do felines come to our minds when we start thinking about animals that like playing in the snow.

Some of the notorious snow players include: Kids, Penguins and Puppies. But for cats?They seem to have other matters to attend to… seeing is believing.  Most felines I have come across normally hate cold places with a passion, but this video defies the rules.

This video was posted by one YouTube user called mikege00 and within it we see a brave cat who is ready to leave his warm home and go out into the snow. He is meeting the snow for the very first time and one might forgive him for the confusion. He walks momentarily and while full of amazement decided to jump into the freezing stuff.

His reaction a few seconds later made me laugh! The way he reacts one his paws feel cold is so hilarious. This is the first time I see a reaction of this kind!

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