Highway Rescuer Gets Astonished When A Stranger Does This To His Car… WOW!


According to the reports from the L.A. Times, since 1966, Thomas Weller has been patrolling the San Diego highways in search of faulty cars, using his 55 Ford Wagon. Wherever he found someone with a puncture problem, he used to stop and give him a helping hand. With time, he earned the name of “San Diego Highwayman.”

His services are totally free. This behavior of not accepting charges from anyone began when he had an accident at the age of 16 years. Foster Visuals presented a documentary where Weller confesses that he was caught in a snowbank, and the stranger who saved him refused to accept money when he tried to hand it over to him.

From that time till today, he has been by assisting those who need help on the highway. When he helps people, he issues them a card reading that it was a pleasure helping them, and to kindly pass the same to the others who are in need.

In 2011, he and Beulah, his 55 Ford wagon got an accident. Since he had no funds to repair it, he took it into his garage. Foster declares that when his Beulah broke down, he felt as if it was his buddy who passed away. He went on to say that for him, a part in him was dead too.

Brent Foster, the person in charge of the documentary making at the Visuals documentary, organized a GoFundMe page to come up with resources for mending Beulah. Within few months, they came up with $10,000. Later that June, after he heard from the radio of the incident, he offered himself to repair Beulah from his own money. Information from ABC 10 San Diego, had it that Moore used more than $18,000 to repair Beulah.

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