Owners Hand Over Their Puppy To Be Euthanized For ‘Not Playing


In this emotional video we get to see the story of a young dog who had the unfortunate experience of getting tick fever. This would then cause the animal the worst types of problems. This included the lack of energy it had to play with its owners and it was for this reason that the owners tried to have the animal put down. The result was not good and the animal had to be saved. Luckily it was saved by the the great escape team who found the animal and rescued it effectively.

The animal was then treated and was cared for by the team. It was also looked after effectively by another dog and in this video we get to see the wonderful experience of each animal cuddling and caring for one another. The video also gives you a number so that you can get in touch and adopt the animal. For more information click the following link and share with friends.
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