FBI save Michigan residents from eating poisoned foods at various stores after the shocking discovery!


In the past May, the residents of Michigan got a shock when news reached to them that a man by the name of Kyle Bessemer, aged 29, was caught spraying poison on food that was ready to eat, at various groceries. A worker at one of the stores known as Ann Arbor Whole Foods, who has spotted him contacted the police. According to the police, Kyle Bessemer, was spraying a mixture of hand sanitizer and rat poison.

After being arrested, the Michigan Department of Agriculture and Rural Development conveyed a statement in which they advised the residents to do away with the ready to eat food that had been bought all over the four counties of Michigan. Speaking to Fox 2 Detroit, Brian Mackie, a prosecutor at Washtenaw County, said that it was a serious offence, but fortunately no one was affected so far.

According to Bessemer’s mother, she had tried to request the court back in August, 2014, so that her son would be hospitalized because of mental illness. Reports reveal that Kyle is schizophrenic, and not ready to be helped. He is in a situation that he hallucinates and sees invisible people. Also, he doesn’t eat because he thinks someone wants to poison him. From the petition she had filed, Kyle had agreed to undergo a treatment procedure of 90 days, though it is not clear if he really completed it.

The court ruled that Kyle Bessemer was to serve two different lawbreaking charges of 15 years and 20 years due to the poisoning that he carried out. It was determined that Bessemer was to be retains in Center for Forensic Psychiatry in Michigan until a court hearing to be held in September 22.

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