I don’t know about you, but I believe that dogs have powerful emotions like happiness and LOVE!


For anyone that doesn’t believe that dogs and other animals can’t feel powerful emotions like love, then you might want to watch this absolutely incredible and touching video.

The woman below has just gotten home after a long and tiresome stint in Afghanistan. While we’re not sure where she was stationed or what she was doing, all that matters is she’s the kind of person who signed up to put herself in harms way, thousands of miles away from her home and family, all in order to answer her country’s call.

This woman deserves a lot of credit, and it seems like she’s got just the sort of welcoming committee present that will ensure that her sacrifice is publicly appreciated in the sweetest way possible!

While everyone is certainly happy to have this brave woman home safe and sound, it seems like there’s one individual who simply cannot hold back her tears of absolute joy and happiness.

This dog shows what the relationship between a human and an animal really can be. She’s actually crying she’s so happy to see her human. This poor puppy had no idea where her human went or why she had been gone so long, but the pure joy she feels in her soul when she sees her again is truly something magical to watch.

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