Her Catch Drives Her Dad Nuts. She Learnt It Right!


You will be surprised at some of the things kids are actually capable of, and just when you think it’s just an ordinary thing, a kid will shock you by pullingoff something completely unexpected.

The better thing is that a kid will shock you by what her or she already learnt from you. Take the example of the guy who trained his kid to box,  and you’ll agree that there is really nothing better than watching your own child perfect what you love doing.

In the video, we have this little girl who went fishing with her dad, and then something happened!

Zoey can pull off bigger things than you can think of, and this video will stamp that! It’s so adorable how this girl so excellently implements all the tricks she learned from her dad!

Little Zoey can sit calmly waiting for a fish to take the bait, but that can’t be compared to her expertise when she starts bringing in her catch. The dad just goes overboard with excitement! She doesn’t even need his help! This is awesome!

Now, it so happens that Zoey just had a big catch, and you can tell that this excitement is way heavier than dad can handle. See his reaction!

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