This Is The First Time This Baby Is Learning To Hug Yet She Does It Uniquely. This Melted My Heart!


For everyone, expressing love and affection towards children is hard to resist. Personally, I find it so irresistible to stroke their soft checks and hold their tiny bodies. But is there anything better to do that showing these adorable young ones the kind of love they deserve?  Will they ever learn to pay all that back?

At 7-months of age, the baby over here is leaning the meaning of hugs and how they should be given. The cuteness and funniness of this video comes from the kid’s unique way of doing things. She hugs quite differently. Given that mum enjoys them and the way she does it, this is something that I have really fallen in love with. Having a look at her huge blues eyes when she looks at the camera while doing her thing will make you fall in love with her even more. This video is all about perfection.

If you liked this kid’s way of doing things, your heart will be melted off when you see an adorable hug between a dog and baby.

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