Vet Doctor Pays A Horse A Routine Visit, What She Discovers… Wonderful!


While at Vet Ranch, Dr. Karri and other members got a call. It never dealt with cats or dogs, but it was of an expectant mare who was being put on public sale.  The helpless horse named Nova was to be ferried to Mexico where she could be killed for meat. Luckily, the Vet Ranch raised enough funds to save Nova from being turned into meat.

Nova has 5 years, but had a serious breathing difficulty, sneezing and coughing. There was an urge to de-worm her, isolate her from other animals the start administering medication before she could give birth.  It took two weeks for her to fully recover from her respiratory difficulty, and come back to normal. She was finally taken and shown her pen at the stable. When Dr. Karri went to give her a visit in the afternoon, he was shocked to find out that Nova was in the process of delivering. She was able to give birth to a wonderful colt known as Orien, without being helped in the delivery.

The video below has two parts, where the second part is a part that only portrays happiness! The best part of the video is when the mom and kid play, run and kiss each other. Actually Nova is waiting to be permanently adopted.

Vet Ranch is an organization that is non-profit, that was started in the year 2014, at Texas. Its mission is to make sure all homeless animals are treated and cared for.

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