2 Soldiers Decide To Beat The Boredom During Deployment, And You’ll Be Amazed By How They’re Doing It.


When troops are deployed, they live in the middle of a war zone and always on toes in case the enemy strikes. That means they spend most of their time on alert, and sometimes boredomcreep in. However, soldiers have found various ways to beat the boredom. Some pass their time playing cards, soccer or even making jokes.

Well, the days are changing, and some smart soldiers have found another cool way to pass their time, and YouTube is playing a major role in it. The good thing is that besides beating the boredom,the troops are saving some sweet memories to revisit when they finally return home.

So it happened that when these two buddies were deployed to Afghanistan to serve in an Infantry Division, they decided to film themselves dancing and having some good times in their camp. In the video, the two soldiers take on the popular hit, “Call Me Maybe,” by CarlyRaeJepson.

Apart from boosting morale and making the soldiers create a stronger bond, it’s all the more hilarious. Watch and have a good laugh. And please SHARE with your buddies on Facebook, won’t you?

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